Cute Glasses Frames for 2019

Glasses are cuter now than they have ever been, it’s so hard to choose! My new favorite way to try on glasses is at home. This is made possible by the at home try on kit from

If you’ve never heard of this- You pick five frames and they mail them to you for free to try on for a week! When you are done you can either order your favorite pair, or send them back with no strings attached. I may or may not rock these frames as if they’re mine during that week. (Shh)

Sounds too good to be true, right?!

I have been a long time fan of the frames at The glasses from this website are also very affordable with most pairs being around 100-150$, and that includes the frames with prescription lenses!

Here are a couple of my favorites from my latest try on kit.

Warby Parker Glasses Frames Anders River Stone Fade


River Stone Fade

These frames are a split tone which is edgy but still subtle!

Update- Looks like these frames have been discontinued 🙁

Check out a similar pair here 


Warby Parker Glasses Frames Moriarty Burnt Lemon Tortoise


Burnt Lemon Tortoise

These frames are a statement, yet will still go with any outfit.

You can find these here

Warby Parker Glasses Frames Nesbit Heritage Bronze


Heritage Bronze

These are the cutest metal frames, my favorite so far!

You can find these here



Heres the link to try the free at home try on kit 🙂 – Free Warby Parker Try On Kit


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