Harry Potter Cafe (Platform 1094) in Singapore- Dream Come True

When faced with a 24 hour layover in Singapore, I knew I had to choose my priorities wisely…


Harry Potter Cafe and Marina Bay Sands infinity pool!

I have drooled over the seeing the Harry Potter Cafe go viral on the internet and have dreamed about it ever since.

I felt like I was in Potions Class

The Harry Potter Cafe (actually called Platform 1094), was easy to find, right off of a busy street. It was initially a lot smaller than I expected, and only a few people were inside.

Girl in costume in Harry Potter Cafe Platform 1094 in Singapore
Posing with my wand and Harry Potter circle glasses

Inside they had little Harry Potter relics everywhere, a wall mural, and even a dress up section where you could put on robes, hats, scarves and take pictures.

The menu is actually a little pricey with dinner dishes averaging around 20$ (It was quite fancy! Like duck breast, etc). My friend and I decided to only get the drinks.

The goblet of fire drink at the harry potter cafe Platform 1094 in Singapore
The Goblet of Fire drink!

If you are only going to get one drink, get the goblet of fire! It is a blue drink that it literally… on fire. You sprinkle cinnamon into it and watch the flame react. It wasn’t very tasty (probably from all the cinnamon we sprinkled into it), but we were definitely satisfied with the overall experience.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, I definitely recommend stopping here if you ever find yourself in Singapore.


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