Help Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally With These Tips!

grow long hair naturally fast


1. NO Heat!-

Give your hair a break. Heat is extremely damaging to your and dries it out. I know it can be hard to avoid this one- but try eliminating a little bit at a time if you can. Natural is beautiful! I try to only use heat on special occasions.

2. Diet-

This one just might be the most important. Your body needs high quality foods to grow hair. Focus on veggies, nuts and seeds, avocados, etc. You could even take some supplements from your local health store like biotin and vitamin C.

3. Trim

Yes, you do need to get trims. You just need to cut off all the split ends before they start to fray upwards. I usually ask for a “micro trim” when I’m focusing on length. Get them depending on how fast or slow your hair grows. I usually get a micro trim every 6-8 weeks.

4. Wooden Brush

Wooden brushes absorb your hairs natural oils and distribute the oils throughout your hair. These oils protect your mane against elements and keep your scalp healthy and regulated.

5. Scalp Massages-

Get that blood flowing and circulating. I read that this gets the nutrients in blood up to your hair follicles! Crazy, right?

6. Oil-

Keep your locks hydrated if they are dry. I will usually oil the ends of my hair before bed to keep it soft and healthy. I usually use jojoba oil or argan oil.

7. Shampoo & Conditioner- 

Look for shampoos that don’t contain sulfates. These will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. Your head will take a while to get used to a sulfate free shampoo- so be patient. Your scalp may get oily but it will balance itself out. Mine took about a month or two!

8. Rinses-

Hair rinses can help balance your scalps PH, and make your hair shinier and softer! I often do an apple cider vinegar rinse, but I have also heard rosemary is great!

9. Hair Masks-

Masks are great to help restore your hair back to life. They can be made from simple things around your house like avocados, olive oil and honey, etc. Or you can buy pre-made ones from places like Lush!

10. Don’t use elastics-

Elastics will pull and yank on your hair. Use Scrunchies if possible! They are soft and won’t damage your locks. Scrunchies are making a come back anyways.



Bonus Tip– Sleep in braids! This keeps your hair from notting and breaking throughout the night.


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