Montezuma, Costa Rica: Tiny Boho Beach town

I quickly fell in love with Montezuma, it is a tiny village but has a lot to offer.  Montezuma felt more authentic and less “touristy” than other parts of Costa Rica. I finally felt like I was getting a true “Pura Vida” Costa Rican experience. The town is very eco-friendly and health conscious, with fresh smoothies and eco hostels. They have a farmers market every weekend, and lots of artists sell crafts along the streets. This town gives off a laid-back hippie vibe.

two girls at montezuma beach town in costa rica


Things to do:


Montezuma Waterfall: The waterfalls here are a must, and are only a short ten min walk from the center of town. If you’re facing the ocean from the center of town, you’re going to go about ten minutes walking right. Ask anyone on the street to point you in the right direction. Once you get to the trail you will have to hike up the riverbed. You are walking on a combination of slippery rocks and a dirt pathway. I would wear slip resistant shoes. There are three cascades, with the most popular being the lowest waterfall. If you want to see the other cascades, there is a set of steep stairs before the lower waterfall on your left, or you can take the separate riverbed trail which involves hanging bridges but costs money.


three girls at Montezuma waterfall lower cascade



girl hiking on trail to Montezuma waterfall Costa Rica

This photo gives a pretty accurate depiction of what hiking up the riverbed is like.


three girls walking Montezuma beach costa rica drone shot

Surfing or the beach: There are a lot of surf lessons here for around $30-40, which include lunch and training before getting into the water. The beaches are also very nice to hang out and lounge. The water is warm and the waters are blue!


Snorkeling: Tortuga Island Snorkeling is about a 45 min boat road from Montezuma. This place is unique because  the reef is volcanic rock. This is an all day tour that includes lunch. Check out Zuma tours!


Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve: Check out this nature reserve to see some wildlife, including lots of tropical birds and monkeys! This is a hike a little over 5 miles, so be prepared with water, etc.

two girls on a taxi boat traveling to Montezuma Costa Rica

The taxi boat ride to get to Montezuma is fun and scenic. They even stopped to let us see turtles in the water.


Getting to Montezuma: 

You basically have three options from wherever you’re coming from, bus, water taxi and rental car. The bus is always the cheapest option and you can find the bus routes on If you are already on the coast, a water taxi is a great option. For example, taking a water taxi from Jaco is around 40$ (we took Zuma tours), and you skip the rough roads. Rental cars are a possibility too but can get very pricey. You also have to feel comfortable with rough roads, which are a reality in this area of the country, you might need a car with all wheel drive.




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