A Guide to Tailored Dresses in Hoi An

People travel to Hoi An from all over the World, just to get tailored clothes made.

I went to check it out for myself, and ended up getting three dresses tailored. I went to two places, Kimmy Tailor and Golden Silk.

There are so many options in Hoi An, you will find the streets filled with tailor shops. We chose Kimmy because we had a friend recommend it, and I chose Golden Silk because they were very kind, and didn’t pressure me to buy anything.

Kimmy Tailor

Kimmy Tailor is well known for their quality, service, and boasts high reviews on TripAdvisor. I view Kimmy’s as the “Nordstrom/Bloomingdale” of Hoi An tailors.

First, you start out with a “consultation”, and show the tailor what you want made. Then you choose your fabric (lots of choices), colors and even your buttons.

Overall, you have 2-3 fittings, and they will finish your pieces within 24-48 hours.

The tailors here speak good english and are very knowledgeable in making clothes. I often went with the materials and suggestions they made.

Dress #1 at Kimmy Tailor

As soon as you walk in, they sit you down for a “consultation”. I showed them this exact reference photo, and said I wanted the sleeves shorter.

A reference photo of a dress to get custom tailored in hoi an vietnam

The consultation took about ten minutes, I picked my fabric and color, and then they took my measurements.

I came back the next day to try the dress on. At the first fitting, your garment is only 75% done. They want to make sure you like the direction it’s going in. All it needed now was the pockets and buttons, and to be a little tighter/shorter in some areas.

A girl in Hoi An Vietnam at her dress fitting choosing buttons for her custom tailored dress at Kimmy Tailor
I also got to choose buttons during my first fitting

The next day I came back for my second/last fitting and the dress was finished. Everything fit perfect. The seams were well done and there was no blemishes. This dress cost me 80$.

A girl wearing her custom tailored dress from Kimmy Tailor in Hoi An Vietnam
The finished dress

You can pay for them to ship the clothing to your residence anywhere in the world, but I opted to take it with me so that I could wear it during the rest of my trip.

After Hoi An, we went up North and I got to frolic around in my dress for the remainder of our time in Vietnam.

Golden Silk

I found this place walking by, and had to give it a shot to compare to Kimmy Tailor.

Golden Silk Custom Tailor Shop in Hoi An Vietnam
You will see hundreds of these custom tailor shops along the streets

Most of the shop fronts look exactly like this. Golden Silk is inexpensive and the customer service is amazing. They always made sure I was happy with my piece, and made as many adjustments as I wanted.

I like to compare this place to being the “Forever 21” of Hoi An. The quality of clothes isn’t of Nordstrom/Bloomingdale, but if you are looking for some cute inexpensive sundresses, etc. I highly recommend!

Dress #1 from Golden Silk

My first tailored dress with Golden Silk was inspired by a wrap dress that Free People makes. I wanted the same dress but made with linen.

Here is the reference photo I gave them:

A reference photo of a dress to get custom tailored in hoi an vietnam
Here is a reference photo I gave them of a Free People wrap dress

I attended my first fitting the next day. They had to make a few adjustments to the straps, so I returned again the next day and it was perfect. Overall I was very happy by how it turned out. I paid 30$.

Upon inspection, I noticed the seams weren’t as clean as my dress from Kimmy. I had to pull off a few loose strands, and there was still some faint markings on the dress.

But overall, I was happy to pay 30$ for it, and the dress looks great.

A girl wearing a linen free people inspired custom tailored dress from hoi an vietnam
The finished dress! It turned out exactly how I wanted.

Dress #2 from Golden Silk

For this dress, I didn’t use a reference photo. They had sample clothes hanging out front on the mannequins. I chose the color I wanted and they took my measurements.

girl getting her measurements taken for a custom tailored dress in hoi an vietnam
Trying on the sample dress to get measurements taken

This dress turned out really cute. It’s a good beach style dress and reminds me of something you would find at Forever 21 or at a small boutique.

A girl wearing a red custom tailored dress from hoi an vietnam
This dress was custom tailored for 30$.
A girl wearing a red custom tailored dress from hoi an vietnam
Here is a view of the back

The Verdict

If you want nice things made like blazers, suits, dress pants/shirts, then go to Kimmy Tailor. My dress at Kimmy came out to be 80$. If you want clothes like ones you would find at Forever 21, then go to a smaller store like Golden Silk. My tailored dress at Golden Silk was 30$.


I recommend to bring pictures or create a Pinterest board of styles you like and colors you prefer. Also take a look at your current clothes and which materials you like/don’t like.


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